Join the many people who've discovered the joy of recumbent triking!

We're a recumbent tricycle business on Long Island, helping people get exercise, explore the outdoors and go green.  Recumbent trikes are as fast and easy to maneuver as traditional bikes but also great for those with disabilities, and balance or mobility issues. Most of all they're so much fun!  Unleash your trike spirit!

I’ve had a bad back for many years. Now I can get real exercise and have fun at the same time. I recently did 30 miles through the beautiful trails along Bethpage Park and the Massapequa Reserve. Greg made the whole process easy. Great shop and service!
— Andy
I was surprised at how nice the trikes are to ride! You can really relax and enjoy the ride. I’m not a real “exercise” person but I actually really had fun....and they are beautifully designed machines, lightweight and beautiful.
— Kathy